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Guangzhou Aide patient ID wristbands

Guangzhou Aide Medical Technology Co., Ltd has kept focusing on healthcare since establishment in the year of 2007. With continuous research and development, Aide has grown as the leading and professional patient ID wristbands manufactuer in China.

Main Products:

Barcode patient ID wristbands, direct thermal label, PVC wristband, Tyvek wristband, smart products etc. 

Patient Identification

Barcode technology can help prevent medical errors by making accurate and reliable information readily
available at the point-of-care. Information, such as the drug identification, medication management,
infusion safety, specimen collection, etc. and any other patient care activity can be easily tracked during
the patient stay. Wristbands with barcodes that contain the information of the patient's medical record or
visit number, and any other identifiers have been proven effective to provide proper patient care.
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