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How to use Patient ID Wristband?

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How to use Patient ID Wristband?

Exact patient identification is the guarantee of medical safety. The ID Wristbands runs through the entire medical activity. Like a bond, it connects the patient with the hospital's treatment and related service activities. It plays an important role in the process of medical care inspection.

Patient ID Wristband-ZT30

Direct Thermal Wristbands-ZT30

1. Application

The patients in emergency room, observation room, all inpatients and related staff. Especially for the following patient groups: newborns, infants under 3 years old, elderly people over 80 years old, critically ill patients, rescue, surgery, blood transfusion, unconsciousness, different languages, aphasia, language communication disorders.

2. Wearing requirements

The order of wearing priority is right upper limb, left upper limb, right lower limb, and left lower limb. The bottom of the text in the information area should face the direction of the finger for easy checking. When wearing it, it should be left a space of 1-2 fingers wide. Take the principle of not easy to fall off, do not affect normal activities and care operations, and pay attention to avoid wounds, rashes, and skin damage. If the patient's edema causes swelling of the limbs during hospitalization, the wristband should be cut off and replaced in a timely manner.

3. Wearing standard

3.1 The staff in the outpatient emergency registration room and the inpatient department must carefully check the personal information filled in by the patient when entering the patient information. All information in question needs to be checked to ensure the accuracy of the patient's identity information.
3.2 The patient information on the ID wristband includes: patient name, gender, department, age, hospitalization number, QR code of hospitalization number, etc. The hospital can adjust it according to actual requirements.
3.3 The ID Wristband is generally orange or blue. Emergency patients can wear red and green wristbands according to the classification criteria.

3.4 Patients with special circumstances need to be noted, then could stick label with special signs on the wristband, such as: orange dots for risk of fall, red dots for allergies, and yellow dots for high pressure ulcers.

4. Wearing check

4.1 Check and confirm the identity of the patient at admission, and print the ID wristband in the department or admission.
4.2 When the nurse performs the treatment and nursing operation, the patient and family members can jointly check the identification wristband together to achieve double verification to ensure the safety of care.
4.3 Charge nurses need to regularly check whether the wristband is worn correctly, whether it is falling off or dirty when visiting the patient.
4.4 When the patient is discharged from the hospital and dies, the charge nurse will cut it off, take it back and destroy it.

5. Advantages of using ID wristband

Improve security

In the face of patients who cannot confirm their identity through communication, using the identification wristbands during various nursing operations, it can also prevent disputes and errors caused by incorrect identification of the patient , to improve the timeliness and safety of patients' access to treatment and care.

Improve nursing efficiency

Printing the identification wristband can establish a data collection interface with the hospital information system. When printing, it can automatically obtain the basic information of the patient that needs to be identified, no need to handwriting to increase the workload of the nurse. The identification wristband verification adds a new channel for nurse-patient communication. When nurses carry out various nursing operations, with the identification wristband, the patient or family can confirm the identity and say the patient's name and age. This not only saves the nurse checking the time also eliminates the psychological pressure of nursing staff, improves work efficiency and improves service quality.

Conducive to standardized management

The identification wristband provides an effective, convenient, and reliable auxiliary tool for the standardized management of the hospital, which can effectively prevent medical accidents or disputes caused by the wrong identification of the patient's identity, standardize the nursing service process, improve the quality of nursing service, enhance the hospital culture and the overall image of the hospital profession.

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