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Establishing identity helps avoid the treatment risks

Establishing identity helps avoid the treatment risks that come with not knowing a patient's medical history.

The 50-something man with a shaved head and brown eyes was unresponsive when the paramedics wheeled him into the emergency room. His pockets were empty: no wallet, no cellphone, not a single scrap of paper that might reveal his identity to the nurses and doctors working to save his life. His body lacked any distinguishing scars or tattoos.

Almost two years after he was hit by a car on busy Santa Monica Boulevard in January 2017 and transported to Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center with a devastating brain injury, no one had come looking for him or reported him missing. The man died in the hospital, still a John Doe.

Hospital staffs sometimes must play detective when an unidentified patient arrives for care. Establishing identity helps avoid the treatment risks that come with not knowing a patient's medical history. The workers also strive to find next of kin to help make medical decisions.

If a patient remains unidentified for too long, staff at the hospital will make up an ID, usually beginning with the letter "M" or "F" for gender, followed by a number and a random name, Crary says.

From the observation of the hospitals’ demand and operation, it is undeniable that an patient id wristbands are getting more and more important in Patients Identification.

What are the benefits for paramedics if all patients are wearing wristbands which printing medical information.

I. Avoid medication mistakes while patients is unconscious

II. Scan the bacode or RFID chip to get the patients information quickly to improve the work efficiency

III.Ensure unique and exact identification

The deadly mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert in October 2017 presented a challenge for local hospitals that sought to identify the victims. Most concertgoers were wearing wristbands with scannable chips that contained their names and credit card numbers so they could buy beer and souvenirs.

On the night of the shooting, the final day of a three-day event, many patrons were so comfortable with the wristbands that they carried no wallets or purses.

More than 800 people were injured that night and rushed to numerous hospitals, none of which were equipped with the devices to scan the wristbands.

Here are some scannable wristbands for reference.

a. Thermal patient wristband with barcode

b.Thermal patient wristband with RFID chip

RFID PVC Wristband

Staff at the hospitals worked to identify patients by their tattoos, scars or other distinguishing features, as well as photographs on social media, says Lake. But it was a struggle, especially for smaller hospitals, he says.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a federal law intended to ensure the privacy of personal medical data, can sometimes make an identification more arduous because a hospital may not want to release information on unidentified patients to people inquiring about missing.

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