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Many advantages of offering custom wristbands

Many advantages of offering custom wristbands for your events and the different varieties of wristbands you can choose from.

Take Control Over Your Event With Custom Printed Wristbands

There are many different customizable options and varieties of custom printed wristbands.

1. Guest Management

When there are multiple guests at an event, it can become hard to sort. Offering different colour options for your guests is an easy way for your security detail to quickly identify the level of access an attendee has. Customizable wristbands also come with the ability to print images, text, and barcodes that will give your staff an even easier time finding out where your guests should be. They days of marking someone's hand with a wipe away stamp, or providing someone with an uncomfortable, bulky lanyard are soon to be forgotten.

2. Less Waiting

While regular admission tickets are acceptable for many occasions, they can become a hindrance in others. When guests have to prove they have backstage access or are of a certain age, the ticket can become lost in a purse, crumpled up, or simply lost. The searching for tickets will only cause longer lines, bottlenecking, and upset guests.
Identifying one's self and level of access by the simple flash of a wristband can take under a second. This allows your guests to move around and get past event staff very efficiently.

3. Durability

Having bad weather at your event and party crashers are some of any event planners biggest fears. You will never have to worry about your guests removing their wristband and handing it to a friend outside. Wristbands, Tyvek wristbands particularly, are lightweight, waterproof, and are completely tamper free.
These wristbands are virtually tamper resistant due to a series of tamper shredding slits over the area of adhesion. Immediately when the adhesion settles in, attempting to remove the wristband will destroy the adhesive area. When the rain becomes a factor, waterproof wristbands will keep their strength and integrity.

4. Brand Awareness

Silicone Wristbands are an excellent way to increase awareness for your brand or a cause. They can be very fashionable, easy to hand out and slip on the wrist. The popularity of wristbands perhaps led the Livestrong campaign and their efforts to increase cancer awareness. Before the unfortunate Lance Armstrong incident, the Livestrong campaign managed to sell 80 million of their iconic yellow wristbands. These bracelets weren’t hard to spot, and effectively impossible to ignore. After the success of this campaign that launched in 2004, the trend of other charities offering wristbands for their cause grew exponentially.

5. Security

Custom quality wristbands provide excellent security. For example. Tyvek wristbands are tear-resistant and feature tamper resistant adhesive and plastic wristbands can only be removed when cutting off with scissors. When you pick the right wristband, you will not have to worry about people removing wristbands and handing them off to another.
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