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Patient safety is a discipline that emphasizes safety in health care through the prevention, reduction, reporting, and analysis of medical error that often leads to adverse effects. The frequency and magnitude of avoidable adverse events experienced by patients was not well known until the 1990s, when multiple countries reported staggering numbers of patients harmed and killed by medical errors. Recognizing that healthcare errors impact 1 in every 10 patients around the world, the World Health Organization calls patient safety an endemic concern. Indeed, patient safety has emerged as a distinct healthcare discipline supported by an immature yet developing scientific framework. There is a significant transdisciplinary body of theoretical and research literature that informs the science of patient safety.

As we investigate from hospitals, they are normally using a wristband for patient identification. Guangzhou Aide is the first supplier of barcode Patient ID Wristbands for domestic hospitals. With years effort, Aide® direct thermal wristband has become the leading brand products in China, besides, we also received lots of acknowledge from customer around the world.

  • About direct thermal wristband

Direct thermal wristband is printed with heat-sensitive head by direct thermal printer, no ribbon needed at all. Wristband is very safe and environmentally friendly. The design of adhesive tape closure is very convenient for caregivers.

  • Features and Advantage

1)  Strong waterproof and alcohol resists 15-30 days to make sure caretaker can scan the barcode when they are giving a point-of-care.

2)  Durable material, but soft and comfortable enough for all users.

3) Anti-bacterial/anti-microbial

4) Tamper-proof with plastic snap

5) Latex-free, non-irritating material

6) Disposable/one time use only

7)  Can be printed with texts, image, graphics, bar codes

Here are some typical series for introduction as followings:

Thermal wristbands with plastic snap

If you need to know more professional knowledge, or get a complete set of wristband samples, please contact customer service or leave a message for us!

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