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Application of identification wristband in preoperative safety management

Surgery is an important means to treat diseases. Preparation before surgery is very important for patients. It includes the important part of carefully checking the patient. In order to prevent the wrong patient from entering the wrong operation room and opening the wrong operation site, the operation can be effectively guaranteed. Safe and smooth progress. In the area of identity recognition, the traditional identification method is to use the patient’s head to check and recognize, and the bedside information to check, but this kind of recognition method is relatively risky for the patient who will be undergoing surgery, because the patient before the operation may be anesthetized. If the post-consciousness is not clear, it is also possible that the patient is in a coma, language barrier, etc., and the patient's information cannot be correctly verified. Moreover, once the patient leaves the bed, the patient's identity cannot be verified by the information on the bedside.

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Thermal hospital wristband

With the development of medical technology, in identification tools, most hospitals also use identification wristbands as a tool to identify patients. When in hospital, nursing staff help patients wear wristbands and check carefully. Before the operation, the responsible nurse will bring the operation notice to the ward to check the medical record, check the patient’s wristband information, introduce the operating room environment and operation cooperation to the patient, and understand the patient’s basic ward information. On the day of the operation, the responsible nurse fills in the check based on the operation time and the patient information on the surgical drape, including department, name, age, gender, hospitalization number, operation name, operation time, etc., and carries the check book to check the operation patient together with the ward nurse. After confirming that the medical records, identification wristbands and the identification of the surgical site are correct, the patient will be connected to the designated operating room, and the roving nurse will check the patient's medical history, X-rays, items, etc. with the wristband again, and sign after it is fully consistent. And inform the doctor.

Patiant ID band

The wristbands worn by surgical patients and the identification of the surgical site are an advanced and reliable auxiliary tool for standardizing medical management. It eliminates the problem of connecting the wrong patient, opening the wrong surgical site, and wrong blood transfusion, and maximizing management efficiency. Nursing work should be detailed, clarified and marked.

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