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What is medical id wristband?

A medical id wristband is something like a bracelet, which is bearing a message that the wearer has an important medical condition that might require immediate attention. The wristband is often made of made of thermal paper, PVC and Tyvek. The intention of AIDE® medical id wristband is to alert a paramedic, physician, emergency department personnel or other first responders (emergency medical services, community first responder, Emergency medical responder) of the condition even if the wearer is not conscious enough, old enough, or too injured to explain.

Aide® Direct thermal printing is a digital printing process which produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper, or thermal paper as it is commonly known, when the paper passes over the thermal print head. The coating turns black in the areas where it is heated, producing an image.

A type of medical id wristband is essential with printing a QR code on the wristbands to store a great deal of patients information, including contacts and medical conditions. This information is accessibly by a PDA or a smartphone which is connecting with hospital information system. The caregiver is able to get the details before they are giving medication or any treatments. What’s more, the id wristband is designed with one-time use die-cutting or permanent clap to make sure the unconscious person information is correct.

Here are some typical series for introduction as followings:

Thermal wristbands with plastic snap

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