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Hospital id wristband for COVID-19

Hospital id wristband for COVID-19

Thermal wristbands improve operational efficiency, while preventing data entry and collection errors.

Our direct thermal wristbands offer point of sale printing with your direct thermal printer. Bar code capable for concessions or other debit systems.

Our products are intended to improve admission process and efficiencies by meeting patient safety protocols, that’s why we offer a wide range of products for all type of printers, and patients. We can effectively support laser, impact, thermal, inkjet printers, and we even have write-on products.


The products we offer can meet the need of every patient, including adults, pediatrics, and infants. We can supply your every need by offering a variety of materials, colours, sizes, clasps and shapes, including phthalate and latex free to meet all admission requirements. Customisation is available for customers who have unique demand


Improve the accuracy of patient identification

Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers

Improve the safety of using medications

Help the patients to receive more accurate and efficient treatment

Reduce health risks and to protect the safety of patients

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