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Accurate and efficient timing system of fire fighting competitions

In order to test the effectiveness of the firefighting team's large-scale training, earnestly sum up experience, make up for shortcomings, and continue to improve the team's ability to fight tough problems and the professional level of emergency rescue, many firefighting departments will regularly hold all-staff firefighting competitions.

Compared with the assessment of other institutions, the fire fighting competition assessment items are more abundant and the assessment methods are diversified. In addition to the basic sprint competition, it also includes items such as load-bearing climbing technology, rescue and evacuation material exercises, and high-altitude rapid rescue technology. Different assessment items have different timing methods.

However, traditional timekeeping often encounters such a problem. One type of timing method is used to deal with multiple different forms of assessment items. The timing method is single, and the timing effect has certain limitations. In addition, multiple projects require a variety of equipment, which increases the investment in timekeeping costs. Part of the equipment is large in size and occupying space, which increases the difficulty of logistics transportation and site layout. 

In order to better serve the fire fighting competition, AiTime optimizes and perfects the timing process, improves and upgrades the timing equipment, and launches the AiTime firefighting competition timing program for fire fighting competitions. The optimal configuration makes the timing more flexible and flexible.

Optical timing system

The optical timing system is suitable for fire-fighting competitions such as load-bearing building technology, 400-meter rescue and evacuation material exercises, complex environment offensive exercises, playground 100-meter runways, and 400-meter fire relays. 

Before the game, the staff only need to place the starting system at the starting point, and place the optical timing mainframe, optical probe and result display at the end. During the competition, the contestants started running after hearing the starting sound, and the optical timing mainframe started timing synchronously at this time. When the contestant reaches the finish line, the infrared/laser sensor line is triggered, the optical timing host stops timing, and the result display immediately displays the time spent by the person in the race.

The infrared/laser timing system can simultaneously record the results of 8 races and 8 participants at one time, batch timing, and high timing efficiency. 

Intelligent button timing system

The smart button timing system is suitable for high-altitude fast rescue technology, rock climbing and other fire fighting competitions. The system is equipped with a launching system, a timing host, a smart button and a result display. 

When the contestants are ready at the starting point, the starting system will initiate the start, and the optical timing master will start timing synchronously. When a contestant reaches the designated end point, he can press the smart button at the end point by himself to control the optical timing mainframe to immediately stop timing, and the contestant's time for the competition is obtained, and the result of the contestant's assessment will be displayed on the result display screen.

In addition to the above two timing systems, iTiming also provides single/batch entry of pre-match participant information, post-match participant performance management, statistics, export, and real-time broadcast of results. A full set of services makes the timing of fire fighting competitions more accurate and efficient. ,practical.

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