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Tanzania MR UK Marathon Time Trial

Last month, aide was honored to be invited by Mr Uk Sports Agency (Mr Uk Sports Agency) to provide event timing equipment for the grand 2021 MR UK Marathon.

The marathon was held in Tanzania and was divided into two groups: 10km marathon and 21km marathon, attracting many runners to participate. The contestants choose the most suitable group according to their individual running advantages and start the championship competition.

Aide provides professional timekeeping equipment for this marathon with its rich timekeeping experience. At each timing point, the contestants can see the figure of Aide timing. Timing equipment such as the timing host, plate antenna, carpet antenna, and score card display screen were transported from China to the Mr Uk Marathon site on time as planned. Each equipment system was debugged to the best state to welcome the arrival of the competition.

On December 18, the game kicked off in a lively and joyful atmosphere. The layout of the competition site was well-organized, and as the starting gun went off, the contestants rushed out of the starting line in unison.

The contestants released themselves in a comfortable environment, sweated forward, and chased me to the finish line. The accurate and efficient timing service of aide brings professional and secure event timing experience to the event parties and participants. The plate antenna and the carpet antenna read the time of each contestant passing the timing point, the timing host uploads the information, and finally generates the timing results.

With the winner, runner-up and third runner-up successively announced, the Mr Uk Marathon has come to a successful conclusion. Happy time is short, but the spirit brought by sports is eternal. Aide looks forward to witnessing the glorious moments of the contestants next time!

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