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Thermal wristbands use and applications

There are many wristbands that are available in the market for different applications. It can be from entertainment like Tyvek and silicon to medical like thermal wristbands and RFID for patient identification. Wrist bands are strips that are encircled around the wrist. The best use of the wrist bands are for identification purpose. Materials that are used in the wrist bands can vary from cloth to silicon to plastic. Paper wristbands are also available for use. They can be made custom and can have custom prints and can have various designs printed or embossed on it .

These wristbands are very popular and widely used by both adult and children. If we look at thermal wristbands these are used in hospital for patient identification. They are durable, strong and comfortable for use . They are used for identification of patient by caretaker and also mother and new born baby identification. The main characteristic is that they are printable so direct printable thermal wristbands allow you to print text, lineal and 2D barcodes, photos and graphics on the wristbands, which improving the accuracy of patient identification, reducing risk of lost or transferred data. With characters of durable, affordable and comfortable many hospitals use these.

Direct thermal wristbands from Guangzhou Aide Medical Technology is the best selling wristbands in hospitals. Guangzhou Aide has established the trusted brand “AIDE” in the year of 2007, devoted to innovate the most practical and comfortable wristbands for hospital patients identification. Customers from home and abroad have acknowledged our quality and service in our cooperation. 

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