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3 Types of Fabric Wristbands

Fabric Wristbands are also known as fan bands or as woven wristbands and are most commonly found at festival’s. 

They are a great product for long term use and provide a secure option for your wristband requirements. Various locking options are available meaning that the wristbands can be used only once or for multiple times depending on the situation. 

Custom Fabric wristbands are available in 3 types of finish; either silk screen printing, woven or sublimated. Depending on what environment the wristbands are intended for will determine which wristband type is best for the situation.

Fabric Wristbands 

Silk screen printing uses a mesh and special ink to print onto prefabricated cotton material and is the most expensive option on all orders. 

Woven wristbands are produced using individual yarn on a loom and are considered to be classic in both appearance and style. 

Sublimated wristbands are produced by transferring an image onto the ribbon directly. This method has no limitations on colors and details.

Fabric wristbands are very difficult to counterfeit due to the production method and offer the added benefit that many people continue to wear the wristbands long after the event is over. This can act as free advertising for your business or brand! our artwork team will work with you to produce a visual proof of how the wristband will look and can advise on any queries you have. 
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