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Application of medical wristbands in hospital obstetrics

With the progress of society, patients’ self-awareness and awareness of privacy protection are also gradually improved. In the past, the hospital used the patient’s bedside card to check relevant information. The patient left the ward, and the nursing staff did not know how to confirm the patient’s identity. And as patients pay more and more attention to personal privacy, public patient information will inevitably be gradually eliminated due to opposition from various parties. Therefore, when patients are receiving treatment in medical institutions, medical wristbands are used as an effective identification tool to quickly And to accurately identify patient information, the use of the wristband runs through the entire medical activity, standardizing the management of nursing work and improving the quality.

Hospital obstetrics is a department with a relatively wide source of patients, and obstetric nursing work has the characteristics of instantaneity, day and night continuity, terminality, and mechanical repetition. Nursing behaviors are mostly instantaneous operations, and few physical objects are left for evaluation. Obstetric patients Due to the characteristics of physiology, psychology, and production, nurses often need a lot of time to check patient information during clinical nursing operations. Medical wristbands are used in various check-up links, such as medication, injection execution, out-of-office inspections, inspections, etc.

It can ensure the accuracy and safety of nursing behavior. Before any nursing operation, you need to check the patient’s name, hospitalization number, etc. to confirm the identity, and strictly implement the verification system. The wristband is used more frequently in obstetrics. Once the wristband is worn for the patient After the identification, you will not be able to remove or remove the wristband by yourself. It must be removed by the nurse when you are discharged from the hospital. If it falls off or is damaged during the period, you must notify the responsible nursing staff as soon as possible.

The wide use of wristbands in hospitals plays a very important role in improving the quality and safety management of hospitals. 

In nursing work, it improves the accuracy of medical staff in identifying patients, and the hospital will require medical staff to strictly perform three checks and seven pairs. Due to the relatively large amount of nursing work and many links, minor errors may cause serious medical accidents. Therefore, you must be cautious and careful when checking the wristband information, so as to ensure the quality of the links and ensure the nursing work go smoothly.

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