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Athlete Race Numbers Bib

In many sports, a competition number is used to identify and differentiate the competitors taking part in a competitive endeavour. For example, runners in a race may wear a prominent competition number so that they may be clearly identified from a distance. Competition numbers are differentiated from uniform numbers in that the former are used for a specific event (for example, competition numbers worn by marathon runners) while the latter persist over time through multiple events, seasons, or sometimes an entire career.

Competition numbers may also be called a bib number when worn on a bib over, or affixed to, the athlete's top.With new technology, bibs might contain timing chips for electronic identification. In addition to identifying an athlete, many high profile events also imprint sponsor logos. In such high profile events, bib numbers are mandatory. Failure to wear them could make an athlete subject to disqualification.

With professional digital variable data printing, we provide race printing products and services such as:

Fast turnover time
Mixture of wide range of font types and colours
Personalized full colored printing
Particulars of participants can be printed both front and back
Light-weight, water-resistant and tear-resistant bibs/other materials
Local and international shipping

Race number bib

Some of these items, particularly race bibs, require highly specialised skills and knowledge. We offer one of the most comprehensive race bibs printing in China and supply to organisers of the major sporting events. Our race bibs are water- and tear-resistant, tough, durable and lightweight. They can also withstand long hours of racing, making them highly suitable for marathon, triathlons, Iron Man events, biking events, fun runs and other sporting activities. They are also competitively priced, of high quality, and are sought after in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and China.

What can you print on race bibs?
You can print customised event numbers, race numbers, sponsors' logos, barcodes and other details on white or coloured background. Our high quality race bibs printing in China ensures that the race numbers are clearly displayed and visible to officials and time keepers. This helps to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the race results.

The widest choice available

You can choose from many different sizes, fonts, colours, and finishings. The latest technology also allows your race bibs printing in Singapore to include an embedded radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag or an optional tear off section for time keeping, prize draws or simply as a memorable souvenir for the participants.

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