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Patient wristband recognition system

1. All inpatients, emergency department observation, pediatric observation room and infusion room patients must use "wristbands".

 2. In various diagnosis and treatment activities, medical staff must strictly implement the checking system, and at least use two or more methods such as name, gender, bed number, hospital number, and wristband to confirm the identity of the patient.

 3. When the nurse uses the “wristband” mark on the patient, double-check is performed. If it is damaged or unclear and needs to be updated, it also needs to be checked by two people. Wearing a "wristband" logo should be accurate, neat handwriting, clear information, suitable for tightness, and explain its purpose and precautions to patients and their families. Pay attention to observe whether there is abrasion on the skin of the wearing part and whether the blood supply is good. "Wristband" records include: patient's name, gender, age, department, bed number, hospitalization number, diagnosis, allergy history, etc., which should be accurately filled out by a nurse.

 4. For patients in ICU, critically ill, newborns, impaired consciousness, different languages or language communication barriers, and during sedation, the patient's escort should state the patient's name and use the wristband identification as required.

 5. For unnamed patients who cannot confirm the patient's identity, they need to indicate "Anonymous + Medical Card Number" on the wristband as the identification information. When performing diagnosis and treatment activities, two persons are required to check.

 6. During specimen collection, administration, transfusion, blood transfusion or blood products, distribution of diet, surgery, and various interventional and invasive diagnosis and treatments, medical staff ask the patient or family member to state the patient’s name, and use at least two at the same time to identify the patient The method of identity is to check the bedside card and wristband to confirm the identity of the patient and ensure correct operation of the patient.

 7. When the patient is transferred to bed or department, the responsible nurse of the receiving department will promptly replace the relevant information of the wristband, and double check and confirm.


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