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Can I enter the MRI room with an RFID wristband?

Wearing a wristband is a necessary step for every patient before hospitalization.By registering the identity of the patient and wearing a wristband, the nurse can quickly and accurately identify the patients information,improve nursing efficiency.In recent years, RFID wristbands have become the star product in medical wristbands.RFID wristband is implanted with RFID chip on the basis of ordinary wristband, which can be used in electronic medical record system, electronic hospital management system and inpatient management system.However, many people still have some confusion about RFID wristbands.One of the issues that everyone is very concerned about is whether wearing RFID wristbands in the hospital's MRI room will affect personal safety or equipment?Today, Aide will discuss it with everyone.

Before answering, let me briefly introduce to you what is an RFID wristband and what is an MRI room.

What is an RFID wristband?

"RFID" is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification.The principle is to carry out non-contact data communication between the reader and the tag to achieve the purpose of identifying the target.The chip of the RFID wristband can store the patient's personal information, encrypt the information, and prevent it from being read at will.RFID wristbands can also allow medical staff to quickly obtain patient personal information through non-contact reading, and upload the information to the background for further management.

What is an MRI room?

MRI is the most advanced medical imaging examination equipment in the world today. It has the advantages of high tissue resolution, sensitive lesion display, no radiation hazards, safety and painlessness.The MRI room uses the principle of magnetic resonance to generate magnetic resonance signals and generate internal images of the patient's body for reference by the doctor.

Is metal not allowed in the MRI room?

Many hospitals clearly stipulate that metal is not allowed in the MRI examination.The reason is that MRI mainly uses a strong magnetic field to scan the body to obtain results,although it has no radiation, it has a strong adsorption force for metals because it is a strong magnetic field generated by the coil energized.If there are metal objects during the NMR process, it will cause the metal to approach the magnetic field.Metal objects speed up when approaching the magnetic field, which can easily cause the patient to be hit by the metal and be injured, or cause damage to the equipment.

Whether magnetization occurs is the key to the problem.

It is not so much that metal is not allowed in the nuclear magnetic resonance room, but it is more accurate to say that the metal that is a magnetic material is not allowed to be contained in the nuclear magnetic resonance room.The antenna material of Aide RFID wristband is aluminum, which is not a magnetic material and will not be magnetized in nuclear magnetic resonance.The scanning resonance frequency of nuclear magnetic resonance is very different from the resonance frequency of aluminum atoms, which will not cause heating problems.Therefore, it is safe to enter the MRI room by wearing the Aide RFID wristband.

Some people may also ask, the CT room is also required to not allow metal to enter, then wearing an RFID wristband into the CT room will affect it?The answer is negative.Although many hospitals are not allowed to bring metal into the CT room, the principle of CT imaging is X-ray, which is inconsistent with the principle of magnetic resonance, so Aide RFID wristband will not have a bad effect on the CT room.

To sum up, Aide RFID wristband can be used normally in MRI room and CT room. You can buy it at ease!

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