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Race Timing System

Race Timing System
Running Success Sport Events requires access to specific technical infrastructures as well as expertise. We support a broad spectrum of technical solutions, custom-applications, as much as basic trussing or fencing for professional as well as casual races.we provide the full spectrum of Technical support to keep you focussed on your Event Success.

Race Timing System

Our Integrated Race Management Solution Packages cover the entire spectrum required for Race Events.
Race Timing Solution
Race Timing System
RFID timing systems are the latest method to support racing events. A race timing system consists of several components. We support you with overhead or side mounted antennas or mats / ramps as well as the race-chips and bibs. Our timing experts design the event structure as well as set up and control all required hard and software components.

1. Race Timing System Antennas
Race Timing System Antennas can be either side- or top-mounted. Alternatively, antenna mats can be used for ramps as well as intermediary checkpoints. It is important to provide good reduncancy for the system as well as to plan the entire race track to avoid fraud along the track.

Race Timing System Antennas
2. Race Timing System Software
All tracking and timing is done via a central software solution that maintains the start / end logs as well as intermediary check-points. The software is connected to the antennas on the way and has been built for high volume tracking of the race tags.

3. Race Timing System Tags
A variety of different tags can be used in the event. From body bibs, bike-mounted tags, to shoe tags or fully waterproof solutions. Also more modern solutions like wristbands are supported to track the time. The tags have to be compatible with the antennas and have to be registered in the central race timing system.

Race number bib

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