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Smart hospital construction must have medical wristbands

What exactly is the "smart hospital" that the medical industry has been talking about?Why is it necessary to build a smart hospital without the popularization of advanced wristbands?This article will take you to take a deeper look.


What is a smart hospital

Smart hospital is the information construction of medical institutions under the concept of smart medical treatment.In a narrow sense, a smart hospital can be a handheld hospital based on mobile devices. On the basis of the construction of digital hospitals, it innovatively takes modern mobile terminals as the entry point and fully applies the mobile portability characteristics of mobile phones into the medical treatment process.The scope of smart hospital delineated now mainly includes three areas: first, "smart medical treatment" for medical staff;The second is "intelligent services" for patients;The third area is "smart management" for hospitals.


At present, the development of medical service in China is in the critical stage of transition from "information" to "wisdom".Traditional hospitals are labor-intensive institutions, while smart hospitals will use automation equipment to optimize operation and process, greatly improve hospital production efficiency and accuracy, and have positive significance in optimizing regional medical resource allocation and improving people's experience of seeing a doctor.How to start the construction of smart hospital from the basic configuration is a problem many hospitals think about. In this case, we have to mention the important role of medical wristbands in smart hospital.



Automated and efficient operations require the support of the wristband

The five key elements of smart hospital are inter-institutional connectivity, automated and efficient operation, whole process remodeling experience, big data-driven decision-making, and continuous innovation mechanism.Among them, "automated and efficient operation" refers to the use of RADIO frequency identification (RFID), bar code and other Internet of things sensing technology to optimize the hospital internal asset management process, support personnel and materials can be real-time identification, traceability, traceability.Medical wristbands are responsible for this important task of personnel identification, and the automated and efficient operation needs the full support of medical wristbands!



Wristbands are good partners for mobile medical devices

By using mobile medical devices such as PDAs, hospitals are making "medical services at the fingertips" a reality.Medical staff use mobile ward rounds, mobile medical orders, mobile nursing devices and intelligent, dynamic wireless monitoring devices to reduce the space limitation of medical services.But it will take more than mobile medical devices to make that happen. It will take a good partner, a wristband.


The improved and upgraded medical wristbands are suitable for the application of mobile medical devices such as handheld devices in smart hospitals. Nurses scan the barcode of patients' wristbands through the handheld devices to obtain the patient's information in the first time and query the treatment and medication status of patients.As an indispensable link in the construction of smart hospitals, aide wristband has been constantly explored and developed in recent years.For example, the amida barcode identification wristband can be connected with the hospital HIS system, mobile care system and other medical systems, and the printed information can be obtained with one click, which saves time and effort.Patients can also scan the QR code on the wristband to complete the discharge payment.Upon discharge, the patient prints a notice with a bar-code label at the nurses' station with the wristband and checks out.Due to the automatic recognition ability of barcode, the processing process is accurate and fast, which can reduce the time of patients or their families waiting in the checkout line to some extent.

In the future, with the high popularity of mobile devices in China and the full penetration of digitalization in payment and other daily life scenarios, more abundant soil will be provided for the construction of smart hospitals and further improve China's basic medical capacity. Medical wristbands will continue to play an important role in medical services.

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