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The benefits of RFID Technology for Events

How much data can an RFID wristband store?
The types of data you will find stored on RFID tags can include identification credentials, purchasing credits, coupons, access control into hotels or VIP areas, and even social media information.

So when you walk through a checkpoint, you can choose to have your activity or photos posted to social media automatically.

These types of information don’t usually require too much data to hold them.

What Data can an RFID Wristband Collect?
Using RFID technology gives organizers real-time analytics of how wearers move about and interact with your event, venue or attraction.

You can highlight busy periods, queue times, and popular attractions. Helping you constantly flex and adapt to optimize the experience for your visitors.

Transform every aspect of your event, hotel or attraction
Not only does RFID technology help streamline entry, but it also connects you with your audience on a new level.

Patrons no longer have to carry wallets, tickets, and personal information just to participate. Ticket-holders can enjoy the show with a feeling of freedom.

Join the ever-growing industries that are benefiting from the use of RFID technology. Tap into how you can improve your event experience by contacting us today to find out more.

Tag / Chip: Embedded in a wristband a tag (chip) passes information, allows entry, and even payment of goods by communicating with an RFID scanner via intelligent radio signals.

Reader / Scanner: Scanners (readers) are usually positioned at entrances and exits, as well as VIP zones and other areas inside an event and communicate with a tag (chip) to carry out a task such as allowing entry, or opening a locker.

The benefits of RFID Technology for Events
Due to the security, cost-saving and revenue-increasing benefits of RFID wristband technology, many organizers are turning towards the technology to help optimize their events.

Since 2011, the live music industry, in particular, has adopted RFID technology inside concert wristbands to improve the experience for fans, increase security and open up new revenue streams.
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