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Wristband Printers in Healthcare

Patient safety is a top priority for healthcare, and barcode-based patient identification systems can significantly reduce errors. Thermal printers are ideal for printing patient wristband and labels, as they produce clean, sharp images.

Thermal printers from AIDE are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry, All of our printers go through rigorous testing to ensure top print quality.

Ensure Positive Patient Identification

AD-P30 Patient Wristband PrinterPositively identify patients quickly, easily, and accurately using a reliable wristband printer and supplies.  Use patient identification solutions for patient tracking and administration and at the patient’s point of care.  Use a patient wristband printer that is easy to use and keeps your staff as productive as possible.  Today, wristband printers have small footsteps and are extremely easy to load.

thermal wristabnd printer

Use Premium Supplies

There are a lot of wristbands to choose from.  Use wristbands that are:

Designed with high durability to survive exposures in healthcare environments.

Comfortable for patients to wear.

Made with antimicrobial coating for maximum safety.

Simple, reliable, and easy to close.

patient wristband

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