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How to purchase a satisfactory medical wristband?

Looking back, do you really know how to choose the right wristband for medical use?

Many key factors should be considered when purchasing wristbands, such as the quality of wristbands, the service and technology of manufacturers, supporting support, etc., which requires buyers not only to clarify their own needs, but also to have a deeper understanding of the wristbands on the market at present.

If the purchase mistake, later to replace the wristband, or even replace the printer, more time and energy consumption.

We roughly divide wristbands into the following categories.According to the different use mode, it can be divided into handwriting wristband (including Tyvek material and PVC material), print wristband (thermal transfer wristband, thermal sensitive wristband and RFID wristband);According to the different ways of wearing, it can be divided into the locking wrist strap and the sticking wrist strap.

In order to facilitate your understanding, we set up the following scenarios for you to answer in detail.

"It is the first time for our hospital to use the wristband and we have no experience in using it. Which one should we choose?"

A: For hospitals that use wristbands for the first time, we suggest that they make a judgment based on their own information construction.If the hospital has established a mature system, it can try to buy a printed wristband, which can work more efficiently.If the hospital has not set up a system, you can try to buy a handwritten wristband, low threshold, easy to use.

"I want to get rid of the old wristband and upgrade the hospital informationization. Which one should I choose?"

A: The traditional wristband displays information in the form of text in a limited space, so it cannot carry more patient information.Hospital informatization upgrade cannot do without the assistance of the new wristband, we suggest the first choice for the construction of smart hospital RFID chip wristband.It not only contains text information, two-dimensional code information, but also can be scanned by PDA wrist chip to obtain information, the information capacity is larger, the information content is more clear and standardized.RFID chip wristband can be used in personnel identification, payment, patient movement track location and other scenarios.

"Nurses in hospitals have limited manpower. I want to speed up my wristband wearing and improve my work efficiency. Which one should I choose?"

The adhesive wristband is attached with double-sided tape on the inside of the wristband. When using, the nurse only needs to tear off the paper to expose the double-sided tape, determine the position of the adhesive according to the size of the patient's wrist, and stick to the upper and lower sides.In the case of skilled operation, the whole operation process only takes a few seconds, a look that will save time and effort.

"For people with more sensitive skin, which should they choose from the point of view of adaptability and comfort?"

A: All amity wristbands are made of skin-friendly and soft medical-grade materials, without foreign body sensation and damaging skin, suitable for all patients.From the perspective of softness alone, the thermal transfer wristband is softer and more comfortable to touch than the thermal wristband, so many newborns will preferentially wear the thermal wristband.

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