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Why is there easy identification and management omission in obstetrics and gynecology

Although the recognition and management system of obstetrics and gynecology has gradually matured.  However, compared with the single-person identification management in other departments, the obstetrics and gynecology department requires one-to-one joint identification and management of mothers and babies, and hospitals often face multiple mothers giving birth at the same time on the same day, which is more likely to make mistakes during busy hours and cause identification management accidents. There are many reasons for identification errors, which can be roughly divided into the following aspects: 

Many inspection steps, large amount of information, high error rate

Not only need to record maternal information, but also a physical examination after the birth of a newborn to record multiple data such as height and weight. This information is prone to recording errors or omissions, leading to discrepancies in the content of the wristband. 

Old wristbands are not handled in time, and multiple wristbands are confused

After the newborn was discharged from the hospital or transferred to the department, the old wristband was not removed, or the wristband was left somewhere in the hospital and was not destroyed in time, which caused confusion among multiple wristbands and broke the principle of "one person, one belt". 

The wristband is easy to fall off, causing it to be lost or worn by mistake

The tightness of the wristband is not adjusted properly when it is worn, and it is easy to fall off.When the newborn was bathing, the wristband was lost or mixed into the clothing of other newborns, and the nurse did not notice it immediately, leaving hidden dangers for wearing the wrong belt by mistake. 

Family members do not understand, despise the role of the wristband, and remove it by themselves

Family members lack knowledge of wristbands, and suspect that wearing wristbands for a long time will damage the skin of newborns and cause skin allergies. Therefore, they removed the wristbands by themselves many times without the nurse's attention. 

Facing the identification and management omissions that are easy to encounter in the obstetrics and gynecology department, AIDE recommends that the hospital solve it from multiple aspects: 

1. Improving the system construction, focusing on link management, and enhancing nurses' awareness and ability to prevent risks; 
2. Strengthen the guidance of lying-in women and their families. Adopt an easy-to-understand and user-friendly way to promote wristband knowledge and emphasize the importance of wristbands; 
3. Choose a wristband with high-quality material, waterproof and alcohol-proof, soft and wear-resistant, reducing the occurrence of changing straps and re-wearing; 
4. Develop multiple identification management, such as wearing wristbands and badges for newborns. The two are used together to identify multiple times and give double protection to the newborn; 
5. Standardize the disposal process of discarded old wristbands and adhere to the principle of "one person, one belt". 

Only by strictly managing the wristband to make it play a correct marking function, and prevent the occurrence of medical disputes and serious accidents of holding the wrong baby caused by the wrong wristband, can we avoid the psychological and spiritual trauma to the mothers family and the newborn. , To provide them with safe and reliable services.

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