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Because only one race bib is worn, the marathon winner's result is invalid 

On May 8, at the South African Marathon Championships in Durban, Isaac Mpofu from Zimbabwe crossed the line first with a personal best of 2:10:04, but after the race he was only Was stripped of the title for wearing a bib number.

The South African Athletics Association (ASA) competition rules state: "All participants in this competition should have two bibs, one on the chest and one on the back."

The mistake cost Mpov a $4,000 championship bonus and qualifying for the World Athletics Championships in July.

Mpov explained to a local Zimbabwean newspaper: "The organizers gave me a sealed entry bag and I was told all the entry materials were in it, and on the morning of the race I found there was only one bib number, and then I communicated with the officials on the scene. They notified the competition referee, The referee said I could play with only one bib number. After the race, I was surprised that I was stripped of the title because I had confirmed with the organizing committee before the race that it was not my fault. 

Because he was disqualified for wearing a bib number, many runners complained about Mpov. Some runners say that many marathons have always required wearing only one bib number. Some runners also said that it is not common sense to wear two race bibs in a marathon? 

How many race bibs do you need to wear to run a marathon? Today, I will share with you all.

what is a bib number

There is no doubt about the need to wear tags to assist in timing when participating in a marathon (in addition to the number book, some competitions wear shoelace tags, etc.).

The marathon runner's bib is the identity document of the runner. Before the start of the competition, the participants wear their respective number bibs to enter the corresponding starting area for the competition event for inspection; during the competition, the participants must also wear the number bibs from beginning to end.

At present, the race bibs used in most competitions are marked with the participant number, event name, brand name and other information, and the back is also affixed with an RFID identification chip that records the participant's personal information. When the contestant wears the chip bib and passes the timing carpet at the starting point, the end point and the middle point, the carpet reads the chip information on the contestants bib number and transmits it to the timing host. The elapsed time of running is transmitted to the computer, so as to obtain the final time of the contestants for this competition.

how many number bibs to wear

At present, there is no relevant authoritative organization that rigidly stipulates the number of bibs to be worn, and there is no uniform requirement for wearing several bibs. Under normal circumstances, most events are required to wear two numbers.

Many marathon and half marathon runners have two bibs (1 large and 1 small) per person. The large bib is worn on the chest of the competition uniform, and the small bib is placed in the transparent pocket on the front of the storage bag.

However, there are also many marathon races in China that only require one bib number to be worn. For example, in parent-child running, mini marathon, etc., participants receive a number bib, which is pinned to the clothes on the chest. The position of wearing the bib must not be blocked by arms or other equipment, and it is best to be clear at a glance.

In addition, some extreme challenge cross-country competitions will require wearing three bibs, two large bibs are worn on the chest and the back respectively, the small bib is attached to the clothes bag, and some are attached to the luggage bag superior. For example, the Guizhou Huanleigong Mountain Super 100km International Challenge will compete in three days and three places. If you have a lot of luggage and you need to transfer, you need to add a number bib to the luggage bag.

Finally, we also remind the runners participating in the marathon: after you get the entry package, you must check it carefully. If there are any deficiencies, you must report it to the race staff as soon as possible. If you are not sure about the number of bibs to wear, you must not take it for granted that as long as you wear bibs, you will not violate the regulations. You must ask a few more staff members and other contestants, which is more secure. After all, no one wants to make mistakes like this was disqualified from the competition.

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