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Is there any significance to wearing a "double medical Identification wristband" for a newborn?

For hospital patients, as well as newborns, medical Identification wristbands serve as status symbols after admission, throughout treatment. The medical Identification wristband can be used by medical personnel to identify the newborn and prevent oolong incidents such as confusion and wrong handling. When a newborn becomes ill suddenly in the hospital, the medical Identification wristband can provide detailed information in a timely manner, giving the medical staff more time to save their lives.

Adult patients generally wear only one medical Identification wristband in the hospital, whereas newborns wear two. Whether it is a natural birth or a caesarean section, the newborn should wear the medical Identification wristbands as soon as possible after they have been cleaned up. The placement of the medical Identification wristbands in the hospital record must state where they are worn.

Wearing "double medical Identification wristbands" for newborns is of great significance to nursing work and safety management, mainly in the following aspects:

Check the information several times to avoid confusion

When the nurse bathes the newborn, most parents are very nervous. When the newborn is pushed out of the delivery room, the parents will follow the whole process until the door of the bathroom. After the newborn is pushed in, the parents will watch the whole process until the newborn is dressed and pushed out.

While nursing, the nurse will check the information of the "double medical Identification wristbands", badges, and bedside cards, ensuring the certificates are unified. Taking a bath, the "double medical Identification wristband" refines the identification and management process. While reducing the occurrence of accidents, it also makes parents feel at ease. Only by communicating with the parents can the nursing team operate at optimal levels.

Facilitate quick access to information and improve nursing efficiency

Wearing "double medical Identification wristbands" is convenient for nurses to quickly obtain the identity information of newborns, reducing the time for nurses to find medical Identification wristbands on newborns, and improving their work efficiency. Meanwhile, some lively newborns can be more challenging for nurses to care for, as they always keep moving. When nurses are performing identification operations, because newborns are constantly moving, it is difficult to read the text on the medical Identification wristband, or to scan the QR code on the medical Identification wristband.

 Operational flexibility, applicable to more clinical nursing scenarios

Double medical Identification wristbandis suitable for more clinical nursing scenarios, such as some babies temporarily living in the incubator of an intensive care unit, where the temperature and humidity are constant, but the nurse needs to scan the medical Identification wristband each time they operate, will repeatedly open and close the box door to contact the baby, which on one hand increases the possibility of infections, and on the other hand, the external air flow will quickly enter the incubator with the opening of the box door, which is a big problem for the baby.

In order to address this problem, some hospitals also flexibly pull another medical Identification wristband outside the incubator, so that nurses do not have to open the incubator door frequently to scan the medical Identification wristband, ensuring the accuracy of identification.

Wearing a "double medical Identification wristband" solves the difficult-to-detect loopholes in newborn identification and management, allows newborns to grow up safely and healthily, and gives parents peace of mind.

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