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Why do some marathon races require colored wristbands?

In some marathon races, we see runners wearing a colorful wristband on their wrist in addition to the number bib on their clothes. What is this for? The wristband is wobbly on the wrist, will it affec  t the arm swing when running?

The marathon color wristband has a variety of uses, which are generally summarized in the following aspects: distinguishing teams, preventing cheating, setting off the atmosphere, and collecting commemorations.

Identify the team

Some corporate marathons pay more attention not to the ranking, but to the atmosphere of team building. In order to allow more people to participate, a marathon event may have multiple events. For example, mini-runs, half-runs, and full-range runs of different kilometers are divided into women's running, men's running, parent-child running, etc. according to different groups of people.

When there are many competition items and the participants are complicated, the marathon wristband comes in handy. In order to prevent people from different competitions from going to the wrong team, the staff of the Organizing Committee distinguish them by checking the marathon wristbands worn by the runners. Therefore, we can observe that the colors of the wristbands of different participating teams are different, and they are generally brightly colored, which is for the convenience of everyone to quickly identify. Whether there is a wrong team, everyone can see the color of the wristband at a glance.

Prevent Cheating

The marathon wristband embedded with RFID chip belongs to a kind of identity confirmation and identification, and its main function is to prevent running cheating.     For example, in 2018, the Beijing Marathon introduced this kind of chip wristband that can prevent cheating. Before the competition, it is required that you must be present in person and collect the wristband .The staff will check the certificates and identities of the participants; wear the wristband after the identity is confirmed.     The wristband is used as a certificate for inspection and participation, and is strictly customized according to the logo of the top international competitions. It is wear-resistant and damage-proof and is not easy to lose. Players must wear it throughout the whole process and can not take it off until the end of the competition. This approach can effectively combat the phenomenon of cheating.

Set off the atmosphere

The marathon wristband supports customized services in appearance, and can print the brand's promotional information, such as brand logo, exclusive color, etc. Therefore, when each runner wears a marathon wristband and runs on the track, the unique and iconic wristband can play a good publicity effect. In addition, the marathon wristband can also be used as an ornament to form an integral color with the material design of the marathon, creating an intimate connection between the unfamiliar runners, which also highlights the lively atmosphere of the competition.

Collection to commemorate

In the same way as the marathon bib number and marathon uniform, runners can also take the marathon wristband home after the race. Although the marathon wristband is a one-time wristband and cannot be reused in other competitions, the marathon wristband with unique text, date and logo is part of the good memory, and many runners choose to keep it as a souvenir. In addition, the marathon wristband is made of various materials, including silicone material, heat-sensitive material, DuPont paper, synthetic paper, etc. As long as it is not deliberately destroyed, the service life is relatively long, and it is suitable for long-term preservation and collection.

From the perspective of event organizers, marathon wristbands are low-cost, easy to operate, and highly practical. Now many marathon organizers will purchase them in advance before the race.

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