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The cost of handwriting wristbands is actually not low?

At present, medical wristbands purchased by hospitals for personnel identification mainly include the following types: handwriting wristbands, printed wristbands, and RFID chip wristbands. When it comes to handwriting wristbands, many people's first impression is that they are cheap.

"Handwritten, low cost"

"Just simple identification, cheap first, don't invest too much"

"You don't need to buy a printer when buying a handwriting wristband, which saves money and space"

But are "low-cost" handwriting wristbands really low-cost?

As we all know, handwriting wristbands can be divided into two materials: PVC soft plastic film and DuPont paper, and medical handwriting wristbands are generally made of PVC soft plastic film. Affected by the material of the wristband, the unit price of handwriting wristbands on the market is indeed lower than other wristbands. At the same time, the handwriting wristband does not require additional training and guidance for medical staff, and it is quick to get started, saving time and cost. With this calculation, it seems that the handwriting wristband has more advantages? Since handwriting wristbands have obvious advantages, why do many hospitals gradually phase out handwriting wristbands and deploy printing wristbands?

Because from the perspective of long-term use, the hidden cost of handwriting wristbands has only begun to gradually emerge.

Many writing conditions, high loss rate

Since the handwriting wristband is written with a pen, it has a higher rate of wear and tear than the printing wristband. It is not uncommon for hospitalized patients to replace two wristbands in one day. The loss is generally caused by the following three conditions:

01 Handwriting was smeared unintentionally
Some nurses use water-based pens to write by mistake and wear them for patients when the handwriting is not dry, so the handwriting is easy to be smeared.

02The handwriting becomes blurred when it touches the water

The fonts written with water-based pens have poor waterproof performance and are easy to be blurred when touched with water, and the fonts cannot be recognized

03The content is written incorrectly or rewritten many times

When there are many patients in the hospital, nurses often speed up the writing speed in order to speed up the work progress. Sometimes the handwriting is too scribbled to be legible, or there are writing mistakes, so they can only rewrite.

(Water pen cannot be used to write wristbands)

All these have led to the extra waste of handwriting wristbands. From one person consuming one wristband to one person consuming two or even three wristbands, the purchase quantity and frequency of handwriting wristbands are virtually increased.

Mismatch with hospital information construction

The handwriting wristband is an identification wristband used in the early hospital management of patients. Although it has withstood the test of time, in the face of the rapid advancement of hospital information management and the development goal of building a smart hospital, the limitations of the handwriting wristband are increasingly revealed .

For example, many top tertiary hospitals are now beginning to use mobile ward rounds (PDAs), provided that each inpatient must wear a printed wristband with a barcode or two-dimensional code. On-duty nurses need to use the PDA on their hands to scan the barcode or QR code on the printed wristband of the inpatient to quickly check the patient's identity, condition, medication and other information. 

(Printing wristband operation process)

Handwriting wristbands cannot be used to scan code queries, but the use of printed wristbands greatly saves the nurse's time. Compared with the traditional writing method of the handwriting wristband, the way of inputting information on the computer side of the print wristband is faster and more efficient.

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