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During the epidemic, wearing a wristband frequently to wash hands will cause the wristband to blur and fade

t present, the domestic and international epidemic situation is still severe and complicated. As ordinary people, we still have to adhere to the trilogy of epidemic prevention-"wear masks, wash hands frequently, and refrain from gathering", especially in hospitals and other places with dense and complicated people. For patients who have been hospitalized for a long time, it is necessary to wash their hands frequently to maintain hygiene.

However, some patients have reported that they will be worried every time they wear the wristband to wash their hands. They worry that the wristband will encounter hand sanitizer and alcohol many times during the washing process, which will cause the wristband to be blurred. In order to reduce the contact of the wristband with hand sanitizer and alcohol, many patients will wrap the wristband in their sleeves when washing their hands, and some patients try to minimize the use of hand sanitizer and alcohol.

Does frequent hand washing really speed up the blurring and fading of wristband writing patterns? Next, we will answer this question for you from the following three aspects.

Different wristbands have different anti-alcohol and anti-detergent corrosion capabilities

As we all know, the types of wristbands currently on the market can be roughly divided into PVC wristbands, TVK wristbands, synthetic paper wristbands, thermal wristbands, thermal transfer wristbands, and so on. Wristbands of different materials and different ways of use have a slight gap in the ability to resist alcohol and detergent erosion. For example, handwriting wristbands and printing wristbands. Information written on a ballpoint pen or oil-based pen on the handwriting wristband is more likely to be blurred and faded when exposed to alcohol or detergent, while the information printed on the printing wristband is not affected and has a higher durability. Therefore, we recommend that hospitals give priority to printing wristbands. For example, AIDE SK20-T series wristbands can comprehensively enhance the ability of waterproof, alcohol and detergent resistant, and are more suitable for long-term use by hospitalized patients.

AIDE SK20-T series wristbands

The first choice is a high-quality wristband that has been tested for many times of waterproof and alcohol-proof

The successful launch of each wristband is inseparable from many scientific tests conducted by the research and development personnel, such as the anti-medical alcohol corrosion test, the anti-cleanser erosion test, and the anti-iodine erosion test. In order to ensure high-efficiency waterproof and anti-corrosion effects, R&D personnel conduct multiple soaking or wiping experiments on multiple wristbands to adjust the performance of the wristband to the best condition. We know that only by ensuring that every test of the wristband is successfully passed, can the hospital wristband recognition work be promoted smoothly and bring a comfortable wearing experience for the wearer.

Dry the wristband after washing hands to better protect the wristband

Although the wristband has excellent resistance to alcohol and detergent, if you can develop good habits in daily use and maintain the wristband in time, the wristband will always look like new. For example, when a nurse wears a wristband for a patient, he can advise the patient to take a towel or paper towel to dry the surface and inner side of the wristband in time after washing their hands. On the one hand, it can prolong the use time of the wristband, and on the other hand, it can keep the skin of the wrist dry.

Therefore, during the epidemic, whether you wash your hands with clean water, alcohol or foam hand sanitizer, you can wear a wristband with confidence. As long as it is a regular factory and quality-guaranteed wristband, it generally has the ability to effectively prevent water, alcohol, and corrosion from cleaning agents. Of course, the most important point is to always be vigilant and maintain the hygienic habit of washing hands frequently in order to better fight the epidemic.

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