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Buying hospital wristband must be judged from these three aspects

Don't ignore the importance of a qualified "small bracelet" to the hospital. As a product that hospitals need to continuously purchase in bulk, hospital wristbands have a great impact on the quality of hospital services. A good hospital wristband is strong enough to withstand the harsh medical environment, can withstand repeated operations by clinicians during the nursing and treatment process, will not fade and stain, and is still as new. 

How to purchase a satisfactory hospital wristband should be judged from the following three aspects:

· Satisfy the patient's needs, and the patient is willing to wear it

· Solve the clinical nursing problems of medical staff

·To meet the cost-effectiveness and future sustainable development considerations of hospital administrators

Meet the needs of patients, patients are willing to wear

If you put yourself in the role of the patient, you might be concerned about whether the hospital wristband is too tight or too loose? Will it rub the wrist? Will wearing it for a long time cause allergies? So I suggest that you pay attention to the size, softness, anti-allergy and antibacterial ability of the hospital wristband when purchasing. 

1. According to the actual needs of your own hospital, consult the supplier about the types, materials and sizes of the hospital wristbands (for example, if you are in a women's and children's hospital, focus on the size and softness of the mother-infant wristbands), take the relevant product brochures Compare reference

2. Wristband certificate, good quality wristbands will have SGS, CE and other certificate certification, and waterproof, antibacterial related inspection reports, you can ask the supplier to issue relevant certificates. 

3. Ask the supplier for hospital wristbands samples of different series and experience it many times by yourself. 

Solve the clinical nursing problems of medical staff

Healthcare workers are most concerned about the applicability, convenience and durability of hospital wristbands in clinical care.

1. Applicability

Whether it is suitable for use in different departments of the hospital. For example, does the hospital wristband contain any metal components inside or on the hospital wristband, whether it is safe to use in the MRI room, etc.

2. Convenience

Is it easy to print and scan codes (for printing wristbands, barcode/QR code wristbands only). When purchasing a wristband, you can try to print the wristband several times to see if the printed wristband pattern is clear enough. In addition, many people will ignore the configuration of printers, ribbons, etc., which is very wrong. No matter how good the wristband is, it is also inseparable from the support of other configurations such as high-quality printers. Therefore, it is suggested that you can ask the supplier if there are matching printers, ribbons and other products, preferably a complete set of purchases with the ribbon. On the one hand, the use effect will be more stable, on the other hand, the use of the full set will not cause problems such as inconsistency and rejection of system products, and the operation is easy to use.


Whether it has excellent corrosion resistance and tensile strength. The hospital wristband should be scratch resistant and highly resistant to blood, IPA, sewage, detergents, alcohol, etc. The material of the hospital wristband should be made of inelastic material, which cannot be changed or removed at will after wearing, so as to ensure the uniqueness and correctness of the identification object. Any hospital wristbands that are easy to remove, exchange, break, or deform are not in compliance with the requirements of the system. These two aspects can also be understood through the relevant certificates and materials of the supplier.

To meet the cost-effectiveness and future sustainability considerations of hospital administrators

Making safety and process management in medical care institutions more efficient, optimizing human and material costs, and improving the economic benefits of institutions are the core demands of managers. With the acceleration of hospital informatization, the hospital wristband must meet the expectations of the future construction and development of the hospital. So when shopping for a hospital wristband, check whether the hospital wristband is compatible with your hospital's existing systems and technologies? Does the supplier commit to continuous innovation and development?

A good hospital wristband solution should easily integrate with the hospital's existing information systems to simplify deployment and ongoing system management. Suppliers must understand changing needs, regulations, technologies and materials faster than hospitals, listen to customer feedback, continuously introduce new products, and make countless improvements to the durability and comfort of hospital wristband products.

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