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Multi-angle analysis of the core advantages of thermal wristbands

"Would you like to buy a thermal transfer wristband" is a tangled question for many buyers.  Since the thermal transfer wristband needs to be matched with a carbon ribbon, it is inevitable to be dismissed because of "too troublesome to use".  In fact, both thermal wristbands and other wristbands have significant advantages.  In the procurement process, buyers should consider comprehensively from multiple perspectives such as usage scenarios, objects of use, and usage methods.

"The flaws in your eyes,

It's what makes me good."

Many people think of the cumbersomeness of buying ribbons when they mention thermal wristbands. Indeed, the thermal transfer wristband needs to be used with the carbon ribbon when printing. By heating the toner coating on the carbon ribbon, the transfer is transferred to the wristband, which is one more step than printing a thermal wristband.

However, it is precisely because of the unique carbon belt printing form of heat transfer wristband that different carbon belt coating and printing media can produce different adhesion, which has a positive impact on the printing effect, and the printed text pattern is clearer and more lasting.  The text patterns on the heat transfer wristband can be preserved for a long time, not easily eroded by chemical solvents, and scratch resistant. 

From this point of view, the heat transfer wristband is especially suitable for inpatients who need to wear the wristband for a long time, such as paralysed patients in bed, psychiatric patients receiving psychiatric treatment for a long time, etc.  If the frequency of use of the wristband is low for a period of time, you only need to store the thermal transfer wristband at room temperature and avoid light, and it can be stored for a long time.  


Compared with other wristbands, the material selection of thermal wristbands is more flexible. The substrate of the thermal transfer wristband can be freely selected from non-heat-sensitive materials such as elastic rubber, polymer materials, and composite materials, and fonts and patterns can be printed only through printers and carbon ribbons.

Therefore, thermal wristbands can often be made of softer materials, which are more comfortable to wear and suitable for people with thin skin, such as newborns. The skin of a newborn is only one-third the thickness of an adult's skin, and only a soft, skin-friendly wristband can maximize the care of a baby's delicate skin. Similarly, the skin of the elderly becomes thin and brittle due to lack of moisture, and is easily damaged by friction. thermal wristbands are also suitable for elderly patients in nursing homes or hospitals.

"Fearless in the face of extreme circumstances"

Thermal transfer printing also has one of the most prominent skills, which is high temperature resistance and refrigeration resistance. It is widely used in non-medical fields, especially outdoors. High temperature resistance and refrigeration resistance are also bonus points for heat transfer wristbands. During the patient's daily bathing process, although the thermal transfer wristband on the hand is often exposed to hot water, the handwriting pattern on the wristband is not easy to fade, and the wristband is not easily deformed.

To sum up, if you comprehensively analyze the specific usage scenarios, objects of use, and usage methods, from the perspective of long-term benefits, thermal wristbands are a cost-effective choice. But one thing must remind you, it is best to choose the same supplier for thermal wristbands and carbon ribbons, and purchase them together. On the one hand, the price is more affordable, and on the other hand, when printing with other carbon ribbons, the effect of thermal wristbands may be greatly reduced, and there may be problems such as unclear handwriting and short service life.

Aide's SK carbon hit series wristbands are printed with carbon tapes, medical-grade nano-silicone material, soft and smooth to the touch, and the printing process is smooth. Combined with it, there is also high-grade imported environmental protection ribbon, the printing information is lasting and clear, it is not easy to fall powder, and it is more hygienic and safe to use.

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