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The difference between PVC handwritten wristband and TVK handwritten wristband

Medical handwritten wristbands are identification wristbands that medical staff use ballpoint pens or oil-based pens to manually write patient name, gender, department, hospital number, diagnosis and other related information. It can be seen in many hospitals.

The handwriting wristband is mainly divided into two materials: PVC soft plastic film and DuPont paper. Therefore, there are generally two types of handwritten wristbands on the market: PVC handwritten wristbands and TVK (DuPont paper) handwritten wristbands. So what's the difference between these two handwritten wristbands? Learn with AIDE today.

The material is different

AIDE's PVC handwriting wristband is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC soft plastic film. Different from the commonly known PVC, the raw material of PVC film is specially refined, so PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless, and does not have any irritation to human skin or respiratory system.

The TVK handwritten wristband is made of stretch-resistant DuPont Tyvek environmentally friendly synthetic paper, which is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive. Both materials meet the requirements of medical wristbands to ensure the safety of patients.

The print content is different

The PVC handwritten wristband only supports single-color or two-color printing patterns, and cannot print color patterns and barcodes. TVK handwritten wristbands can print both color patterns and barcodes. Currently, both wristbands from AIDE are available in pink and powder blue.

Both are worn differently

Ensuring the uniqueness of the identification object is one of the most important principles of medical identification wristbands, so both wristbands adopt a one-time anti-counterfeiting design. The PVC handwritten wristband is equipped with a one-time lock. When wearing, the PVC handwritten wristband with written information is wrapped around the patient's wrist, and the tightness is adjusted. There is about two fingers of space, and the lock can be fastened.

The TVK handwritten wristband adopts a sticky design and uses anti-counterfeiting adhesive to ensure the uniqueness of the recognized object. After writing, wrap it around the wrist, adjust the tightness, peel off the release paper of the double-sided tape on the back of the anti-counterfeiting area (area engraved with the butterfly pattern) of the identification wristband, and align the double-sided tape on the adjustment area of the identification wristband. superior. (Note: Because the wristband is for one-time use, it cannot be torn again after being attached, otherwise it cannot maintain its integrity)

Both have different dimensions

If you compare the physical objects in your hand, you will find that the shape, length and width of the two wristbands are slightly different. The PVC handwritten wristband is narrow and long, while the TVK handwritten wristband is short and wide.

AIDE's PVC handwritten wristbands are divided into two sizes: adult size 25cm x 2.45cm and toddler size 17.4cm x 1.82cm. The Amity TVK Handwritten Wristband measures 25.4cm x 1.9cm for adults and 18cm x 1.5cm for children.

After comparing these details, we must have a clearer understanding of PVC handwritten wristbands and TVK handwritten wristbands. These two wristbands have their own advantages. From the perspective of the content carried by the wristband, the TVK wristband can print pattern barcodes, and the content is richer; from the perspective of one-time wearing, the TVK handwritten wristband is more convenient to paste, and the PVC handwritten wristband The buckle is more secure.

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