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Guidelines for the use of medical waste labels

A medical waste label is an auxiliary device that is widely used in hospitals and other sanitary places. Its main purpose is to classify medical waste, such as cotton swabs, CT images, etc., which improves work efficiency, reduces staff workload, and improves the accuracy of medical waste.

Understanding the strict classification standards for medical waste is necessary before using medical waste labels. It is important to note that medical waste includes infectious, pathological, damaging, pharmaceutical, and chemical wastes.

Due to the different hazards, processing conditions and placement environments of different medical wastes, they are generally distinguished by three medical waste labels: yellow diamonds, yellow triangles, and orange-red diamonds, which should not be confused.

The yellow diamond-shaped label is suitable for medical waste special packaging bags, sharps boxes and turnover boxes (drums). It is right-angled and is used with warning signs and words.A warning sign with a warning has a background color of the packaging bag and container, a border color of black, and an aspect ratio of 2:1, where the width is equal to the height.

Yellow triangle labels are used for temporary storage of medical waste.

orange diamond label is suitable for medical waste transfer trucks.

You must learn how to fill out the medical waste label after mastering the above labels. What details should you pay attention to?

01 Words

It is best to fill out hazardous medical waste labels on packaging containers and bags with black marker. It is more eye-catching, and it will not fade when rubbed manually.

02 Paste

Package label should be properly attached to the packaging container. When pasting, smooth the label around by hand and apply a certain amount of pressure in order to ensure it doesn't fall off. If you are using an old container or bag to store medical waste, ensure that any old labels are removed or effectively covered;

03 Content

If you are filling out a medical waste label, you should include the following information: unit name, date, responsible person, waste weight, etc. The information on the label must not be ambiguous or unclear.

As a result of reading today's content, you should have a better understanding of medical waste labels. We also provide medical waste labels. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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