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Wristband Size Introduction

Now medical id wristbands are more and more suitable for more and more people. From the beginning, most of them are old, young, seriously ill, surgical patients and patients with self-expression disorders. Now many hospitals clearly require all inpatients and accompanying family members to wear medical id wristbandsmedical id wristbands are rapidly gaining popularity and become a vital part of the hospital personnel identification management system. 

When many hospitals purchase medical id wristbands, they will pay more attention to the service life, comfort, waterproof and alcohol resistance of medical id wristbands, etc., but it is easy to ignore the consideration of wristband size. In fact, the size of the medical wristband is very important, it will affect the matching degree of the printer, the information carrying capacity, the procurement cost and so on. During the procurement process, we need to know more about the sizes of different specifications and compare them with real objects in order to find a wristband suitable for patients in local hospitals. 

In order to meet the clinical needs of patients in different hospitals, AIDE patients ID wristbands have developed a variety of printed wristbands of different sizes using their own technical advantages. All wristband sizes currently on the market can be covered by AIDE wristbands. 

Generally speaking, the size of medical id wristbands can be divided into adult wristbands, children's wristbands and infant wristbands. Adult wristbands are relatively long and suitable for adult wrists;children's wristbands are shorter than adult wristbands. , suitable for children's wrists; baby wristbands are shorter in length, and in order to be suitable for babies, the material is softer and gentler. 

Taking the size of AIDE's conventional wristbands as an example, the general adult wristbands are 260mm long and 40mm wide; the children's wristbands are 222mm long and 30mm wide; the children's wristbands are 180mm long and 30mm wide. Ed's thermal wristbands SK10, SK30, SK30C, SK30B and thermal transfer wristbands SK20-T, SK20C-T, SK20B-T are suitable for the above sizes 

In addition, According to market demand, AIDE also developed six other sizes of adult wristbands. They are thermal wristbands 285mm×30mm, 252mm×40mm, 291mm×40mm, and thermal transfer wristbands 280mm×30mm, 260mm×30mm, 291mm×40mm.

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