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Distinguish patients by the color of the buckle of the wristband

At 2 o'cbutton in the morning, the women's and children's hospital lights were on, and two small lives were about to be born here.

With a cry, the baby was born.



The doctor was observing the newborn baby while instructing the nurse around him.The blue and pink here refer to the color of the medical wristband.The blue wristband corresponds to the male baby, and the pink wristband corresponds to the female baby. The color of the wristband is more conducive to identification and avoid confusion.

Wristbands are not only blue and pink, but also orange, yellow, green, red, etc.Different colors represent different meanings.For example, red wristbands are used for endangered patients, yellow for critically ill patients, blue for emergency cases, and green for non-emergency cases.What color corresponds to what disease is not a rigid rule, and the hospital can adjust it flexibly according to its own needs.

Although, using the color of the wristband to distinguish patients is helpful for nurses to identify patients more quickly, and arrange work according to priority in a busy working environment to avoid medical accidents as much as possible.But in the actual work process, it also brings some inconvenience to the nurses.For example, in order to change the color of the wristband, multiple wristband printers need to be placed on the workbench. The space is limited, which is not conducive to the operation of nurses.If multiple patients need to print wristbands at the same time, then nurses are prone to make mistakes when printing wristbands in different colors, which affects the improvement of work efficiency.In addition, for patients wearing different colored wristbands, they are prone to psychological stress during hospitalization. Especially when the color of the wristbands worn by them is different and too eye-catching, they will worry that other patients will speculate about their condition privately and deliberately stay away from themselves.

In addition to distinguishing patients by the color of the wristband, what other methods can be used to distinguish them?In response to this problem, Aide has visited the hospital many times to further understand the actual application of different color wristbands in the hospital, collect feedback from the hospital in time, and gain insight into the needs of the hospital. In the end, Aide decided to solve it from the one-time button of the wristband.

The use of colored buttons to distinguish patients has the following advantages:

1. Reduce hardware consumables and reduce procurement costs

Compared with the wristband, the unit price of the disposable button is lower, and there is no need to arrange multiple wristband printers, which saves costs.

2. Reduce operation steps and improve work efficiency

Printing different color wristbands requires multiple steps, and the disposable buckle only needs the nurse to help the patient select the corresponding color and buckle it.

3. The color area is small, which helps protect the privacy of patients

Compared with the wristband, the color of the disposable button is not so eye-catching. When passing by, you will not notice the color of the button quickly, which helps protect the privacy of the patient.

Button regular color

A button specially provided for mentally ill patients

Blue buttons and pink buttons distinguish the baby's gender

At present, Aide disposable buttons can be customized in multiple colors according to the needs of the hospital, including orange, pink, blue, yellow, white, etc. The hospital can classify the colors according to the actual conditions of different patients.Aide uses the latest soft rubber buttons, which are softer and more comfortable than the plastic buttons on the market, and do not cut your hands. Customers and friends in need can contact us further.

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