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Are RFID wristbands the same as barcode wristbands?

While the principle of retrieving data via scanning is the same, the similarities between RFID and bar codes end there.

I could write at length about the differences but this handy table provides a quick overview.

RFID vs Barcode Wristbands Comparison Table

RFID Wristband

Barcode Wristband

Read Rate High throughput. Thousands of tags can be read in just a few minutes, making it ideal for event admissions. Very low throughput. Codes can only be one at a time.
Line of Sight Not required. If the tag is in reading distance, no particular orientation is required. An RFID wristband can be read from any direction, even from the back of the tag. Required! Scanners need to see the barcode to have the ability to scan. The barcode must be oriented in a specific direction. Event organizers find this impractical. The barcode must stay perfectly clean to be read too.
Resource Low. RFID can be automated via a portal, or integrated gate, allowing patrons to tap their tag on entry to an event. High. Almost always requires human interaction to ensure accurate scanning.
Read/Write Capability Read, write, and even modify in real-time. Read only.
Durability High. RFID antennas can be embedded in various, non-conductive materials for protection from water, heat and knocks. Low. Barcodes become damaged in poor weather conditions. Bar codes need to be in perfect reading condition.
Security High. RFID is difficult to copy. Tags and the database they access can be encrypted and protected by a password. 
Low. Easy to reproduce, copy and counterfeit.
Barcode concert tickets can be easily faked 

RFID Wristband


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