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The role of hospital wristbands in hospital safety management

With the widespread use of medical wristbands, patients in various departments of various hospitals will use wristbands. The responsible nurses in each ward will choose the appropriate wristband according to the patient’s age and condition. Different hospitals will use the wristband according to the patient’s condition. Wristbands of different colors are used, such as red for allergy sufferers, blue for adults, pink for children, etc. The color selection is mainly based on hospitals. As the industry leader, Aide wristbands can be customized in many ways The different colors are mainly for the convenience of hospital use. The durability of the wristband and the disposable materials used make people feel satisfied.

The hospital will fill in the patient’s information on different medical wristbands, and then ask the nurse to check with the patient and the patient’s family members. At the same time, it will advise the use of the wristband and precautions. The nurse will help the patient to wear the wristband on the left wrist and adjust the wrist. The belt, until the elasticity is appropriate, starting from wearing the wristband, the patient identification is applicable to all relevant departments and service links of the hospital, mainly to identify the identity of the patient, the patient's condition and other information.

Aide thermal patient wristband

Some hospitals will establish a wristband identification system, which is conducive to strengthening the safety management of nursing work. The ability to accurately identify patients is an effective measure to reduce medical and nursing disputes. In daily hospital diagnosis and treatment work, wristbands play an important role. Nursing staff are required to check the contents of wristbands when doing various examinations for patients every day, which can accurately identify the patient’s identity. If something goes wrong, it will It can cause serious consequences to patients, and even endanger the lives of patients; moreover, in the transfer and transfer of beds in the department, it is also easy to cause confusion, cause information confusion and other phenomena, leading to medical disputes. The use of wristband logos makes nursing work more convenient. It is easy to identify the patient's identity. When transferring to a department, the wristband should be removed from the department, and the wristband should be refilled after verification by the nurse to ensure the accuracy of the information. The wristband identification can be removed only when you are discharged from the hospital.

During the patient’s stay in hospital, the nurse in charge must carefully check the patient’s name, bed number, medical history, etc., including the information on the wristband, for every nursing link in the hospital, to be more accurate and to reduce the probability of identification errors. This will greatly improve the quality and safety factor of nursing work.
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