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When should the wristband be worn on the ankle?

In fact, the word "wristband" refers not only to the wrist, but also to the ankle (also known as the ankle). The process of wearing anklet is complicated. Nurses may need to crouch and bend low, and patients may need to raise the anklet or lie flat to complete the whole operation, which reduces the wearing efficiency. Considering the convenience of wearing the wrist band, nurses choose to wear the wrist band on the patient's wrist under normal circumstances. When the patient is unable to wear the left wrist, the patient should wear it in the order of left wrist - right wrist - left ankle - right ankle.

When should the wristband be worn on the ankle

01 Special surgery, special adjustment

The wristband is worn on the wrist, and when patients are undergoing special operations, the wristband can interfere with the operation and make it difficult for nurses to check the patient's identity. Therefore, the responsible nurse adjusted the wearing position of the wristband according to the different surgical site before surgery, so as to facilitate the intraoperative verification. For example, upper limb fractures, thyroid surgery, breast surgery, all brain surgery, cardiac surgery except coronary artery bypass, general surgery endoscopic gastrointestinal surgery, etc., these surgeries require the wrist band to be worn on the patient's left ankle before surgery.


02 Disease impact, position change

The patient's condition changes over the course of a hospital stay, and the position of the wristband may change with it. For example, if the patient's wrist is swollen during hospitalization, the nurse should reposition the patient in time. However, if the patient's condition does not affect the wearing of the wristband during hospitalization, there is no need to change the position of wearing the wristband.



03 Take care of the newborn and make flexible choices

Most hospitals choose to wear the wristband on the ankle of the newborn, because the wrist of the newborn is small, wearing it on the wrist is not conducive to reading the information of the wristband. There are also some hospitals in the obstetrics and neonatal room of the implementation of a double wristband wearing system, respectively on the left wrist and right ankle. In addition, some two or three year old children like to pull or destroy the wristband from time to time, then the nurse should change the position of wearing the wristband according to the actual situation.

Wearing on the ankle is more of a test of the band

Is the length of the wristband acceptable?

Generally, the ankle is thicker than the wrist, especially for plump patients, the wrist band must be long enough, adjustable range, high flexibility of operation, to meet the demand for elastic wrist band.


Is the wear resistance of wristband good?

When the wrist band is worn on the wrist, the patient can observe the wrist band at any time, and try to avoid wear on the wrist band during daily activities. However, when the wrist band is worn on the ankle, the patient cannot observe the wrist band at any time, and the wrist band and shoes and socks friction for a long time when walking. Choose the wrist band with good quality, wear-resisting strength is indispensable.

(Ed wristband is soft and comfortable, strong and wear-resistant)

What should I pay attention to when wearing a wristband on my ankle

When wearing, pay attention to the font direction, font outward, easy to check. Avoid the outer and inner malleolus, and wear it at the thinnest position of the ankle. Make sure it is fastened. Cut off excess wristbands to avoid impeding walking. Regular observation of the ankle, some patients in bed for a long time prone to foot edema, should be replaced and adjust the wrist band, or change the wearing position. Similarly, some patients due to the disease of leg muscle atrophy, resulting in wrist strap easy to fall off, should also be replaced as soon as possible to adjust the wrist strap. When wearing the wristband, the tightness should be one finger, and the skin of the wearing part should be intact without abrasion, and the blood flow of the extremities should be good.


Whether the wristband is worn on the wrist or ankle, it can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of clinical care. As a hospital, we must carry out the wristband and do every detail well so that the wristband can give full play to its maximum value.

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