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Mask Extension Hook

  • Ear Protector For Mask
  • Ear Protector For Mask
  • Ear Protector For Mask
  • Ear Protector For Mask
Ear Protector For MaskEar Protector For MaskEar Protector For MaskEar Protector For Mask

Ear Protector For Mask

  • Material:silicone
  • Function:Adjustable ear pain protectors
  • Printing:customized logo&letter
  • Package:50pcs/Opp bag
  • Product description: Reduce Mask Rope Pain Anti-ear Holder Mask Extension Strap Relieve Ear Fatigue

Product Description

Features: Silicone ear Saver
Material Soft and Elastic Silicone
Model K08 (short type) K09 (long type) K10 (Breathable)
Size 145x19x2mm 193x17x2mm 177x20x2mm
Color Blue/Black/White/Pink
Function Adjustable ear pain protectors
Printing accept customized logo&letter (custom type MOQ: 5000pcs)
Package Each ear saver with OPP individual package


1. This ear protector can solve the problem of too tight or too loose rope for masks.
2. For adults, if the mask ear protector is too short and too tights, it can extend the belt moderately.
3. For children, if the ear protector is too long and it is too loose, it can shorten the belt moderately.
4. It is made of soft silicone/rubber material, which is safe and environmentally friendly. With smooth edges and and elastic nature,they can be arbitrarily bent and soft to the skin.
5. Silicone material can can grip the user hair better to prevent it from moving and falling when worn.
6. Suitable for all kinds of work, such as doctors, office work,and some special ones like children.
7. The ear saver had 3 to 4 adjustable levels,suitable for most of the people.
8. Small but practical,easy and convenient to wear.
9. Accept custom design and color.
10. Ready to ship
11. No peculiar smell and with OPP individual package for each ear saver.

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