Event Race Bib

Lightweight and Durable

Event Race Bib refers to the race number bib used in events. It is a paper or fabric tag with a unique identification number that is typically worn by participants on the front or back of their attire. Event Race Bibs are widely used in various competitive events such as marathons, running races, cycling races, and more. 

Unique Identification Number: Each Aide Event Race Bib carries a distinct identification number assigned to individual participants. This number can be numeric, alphanumeric, or a combination, used to identify and record participants' performance and ranking.

Visibility: Aide Event Race Bibs are usually placed on the front or back of participants to ensure clear visibility to officials, staff, and spectators during the race. This facilitates race management and result recording.

Custom Design: Aide Event Race Bibs can be custom-designed to suit the event's requirements. They may include sponsor logos, event branding, course maps, and other relevant information to enhance the professionalism and brand image of the event.

Lightweight and Durable: Aide Event Race Bibs are typically made from lightweight and durable paper or fabric materials to withstand various environmental conditions and race demands.

Participant Management: Aide Event Race Bibs not only serve as participant identifiers but also contribute to managing participant flow, start and finish control, and other related management needs during the race.


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