Flexible and cost-effective

Label Band is a type of wristband that comes with a printable label, where the wristband clasp is fixed, and the label can be printed using a barcode machine. The advantage of this design is the cost reduction of the wristbands and the ability to use a single printer with various colors of wristbands. This design also allows for the utilization of wristbands in different colors, enabling classification and identification based on specific needs and scenarios.

Label Band

Flexibility: Aide Label Band is designed to be flexible, allowing customization and usage according to different needs and scenarios. The labels can be easily printed and updated using a barcode machine, enabling effortless information management. Additionally, the wristbands can be chosen in various colors to enhance classification and identification.

Convenience: Aide Label Band eliminates the need for additional label production or extra steps. The labels on the wristbands can be directly printed using a barcode machine, resulting in a streamlined and efficient identification and management process.

Customizability: Aide Label Band can be tailored to specific requirements. The labels can include various information such as text, barcodes, or QR codes, catering to specific operational needs. Moreover, the color and style of the wristbands can be customized according to the hospital's preferences, adding personalization and improved recognition.


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